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Red Hat Certified System Administrator I with RHCSA:

Red Hat System Administration I(RH124)Is Designed For IT Professionals With Out Previous Linux System Administration Experience.The course focuses on enabling Students to rapidly become capable of performing core administrative tasks.Students are introduced to the graphical environment and tools first,but Red Hat System Administration I also provides a foundation for students planning to become full-time Linux system administrators by introducing key command line concepts and enterprise-level tools.These concepts will be further expanded upon in the follow-on course,Red Hat System Administration II (RH135).


* Gain sufficient skill to perform core system administrator tasks on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

* Start building the skills needed by an RHCSA-certified Red Hat Enterprise Linux System admini- strtation.


*Students who are IT professionals,including Microsoft Windows and network administrators,who need to perform essential Linux Administration tasks including installation,establishing network connectivity,managing physical storage,and basic security administration.

*There are no formal prequisites for this course;however,previous system administration experience on other operating systems will be very beneficial.

Course content summary:

* Graphical installation of Linux
* Managing physical storage
* Introduction to the command line
* Learning how to install and configure local components and services
* Establishing network and securing network services
* Managing and securing files
* Administrating users and groups
* Deploying file-sharing services
* GUI-based tools and key command-line concepts
* Basic security skills

Course outline — RH124:

Core skills for the new Linux system administrator

Get started with the GNOME graphical desktop
Objective: Get started with GNOME and edit text files with gedit.

Manage files graphically with Nautilus
Objective: Manage files graphically and access remote systems with Nautilus.

Get help in a graphical environment
Objective: Access documentation, both locally and online.

Configure local services
Objective: Configure the date and time, and configure a printer.

Get started with bash
Objective: Understand basic shell concepts, execute simple commands, and use basic job control techniques.

Manage physical storage I
Objective: Understand basic disk concepts and manage system disks.

Manage logical volumes
Objective: Understand logical volume concepts and manage logical volumes.

Monitor system resources
Objective: Manage CPU, memory, and disk utilization.

Manage system software
Objective: Manage system software locally and using Red Hat® Network (RHN).

Get help in a textual environment
Objective: Use man and info pages and find documentation in /usr/share/doc.

Establish network connectivity
Objective: Understand basic network concepts; configure, manage, and test network settings.

Administer users and groups
Objective: Manage users and groups.

Manage files from the command line
Objective: Understand Linux® file system hierarchy and pathnames; manage files from the command line.

Secure Linux file access
Objective: Understand Linux file access mechanisms; manage file access from the GUI and the command line.

Administer remote systems
Objective: Share and connect to a desktop; use SSH and rsync.

Configure general services
Objective: Manage services; configure SSH and remote desktops.

Manage physical storage II
Objective: Manage file system attributes and swap space.

Install Linux graphically
Objective: Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux and configure the system with firstboot.

Manage virtual machines
Objective: Understand basic virtualization concepts; install and manage virtual machines.

Control the boot process
Objective: Understand runlevels and manage GRUB.

Deploy file-sharing services
Objective: Deploy an FTP server and a web server.

Secure network services
Objective: Manage a firewall; understand SELinux concepts and manage SELinux.

Comprehensive review
Objective: Get a hands-on review of the concepts covered in this course.

Note: Course outline is subject to change with technology advances and as the nature of the underlying job evolves. For questions or confirmation on a specific objective or topic

* RH124

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img "I am happy to share that I have passed "RedHat System administrator" Certification exam with cent percent score(i.e. 300/300 marks). It was really very good chance to get trained in Amrita Technologies for the RHCSA training. Thanks to Srinivas Sir and the Amrita Faculty for the support Concepts about RHCSA are much more clear .Amrita Technologies has a great environment to learn. Thanks again to Amrita and DS(Srinivas Sir)
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