Don’t Procrastinate- Simple Technique to overcome this.


Procrastination is the nation where many of us are living and it is very toxic to be the citizen of this nation, being in this nation not only ruin your career and life but also the life of the people who are connected to you.

Its a high time to check out from here if you are still living here, stop being procrastinator. yes its easy saying than doing , once you get habituated of delaying the things its become very difficult to get rid of this habit.

yes its ok to procrastinate every now then and for not so important things ,  but until it becomes a habit which you cant live without.

you start delaying everything from your wake up in the morning to sleep in the night, there are many techniques to come out of this maniacal habit, but we don’t follow it as we procrastinate this too.

But there is nothing impossible if you want to do something with your complete intuition and consciousness,where there is will there is away.

what you need to do is , whenever you feel like delaying something just close your eyes and imagine the traffic lights ,which is showing red now and imagine its turning to green immediately, it will have psychological effect on your body and mind and you start doing the job.

its need a practice and we know that practice makes a man ( also woman) perfect.

Time and tide wait for none , so as anything in the world , its not just clock ticking one sec or min, its our Life cut short by that 1 sec or min.

So doing the things which are important  and which needs immediate attention will keep the habit of procrastination at a bay to a some extent.

PROcrastination is a PROblem,

it wont yield PROductivity and kills PROfessionalism.