Fourth Tip for passing Red Hat Certification Exams

Red hat exam preparation

Know the resources you will have available. Let’s start with what you will not have. You will not have access to your notes, course book, the web or other external resources during the exam. However, we do not leave you completely high and dry. The systems on which you take the exam will include resources like manual pages and product documentation, the sorts of things that typically come with a product. Don’t even try to use this documentation to figure out how to do things during exams. Exams are timed and you will not have the time to teach yourself how to do things while the clock is ticking. Instead, use the docs as references to help you remember the trickier bits.

  • Example: If one of the exam objectives requires a command-line tool that takes lots of switches and arguments, you don’t needlessly need to memorize every single switch and argument. Remember the tool, remember its role, understand what it does, remember the most important (and easily remembered) switches, then make its man page your best friend in the whole, wide world. Aim to understand, not to memorize.