Seventh Tip for passing Red Hat Certification Exams

Tips for red hat Exam

Wash, rinse, repeat. If you do not pass your Red Hat certification on your first attempt, you have plenty of company, including members of the certification team. Don’t give up. Give the exam another shot, but do so in a structured, purposeful way.

Review your exam results.

Earlier this year we began offering more detailed information on performance in the exam results we send to candidates. We now provide a breakdown of performance across a number of categories, not coincidentally the same categories into which the exam’s objectives are organized on the associated web page. This information should guide and focus your continued study efforts. If you’ve followed my advice and mapped exam objectives to course content, you should now be able to map your exam results to both. Use your experience plus the resources at your disposal to focus your preparation for a second attempt.

Here is sample of what you should expect to see with exam results: