Third Tip for passing Red Hat Certification Exams

Red hat exam preparation

Prepare for your exam.

If you have not followed my earlier advice and are not taking Red Hat Training, you can still use the exam objectives to help you prepare. Evaluate whether you are able to meet the objectives listed and be as honest with yourself as possible. Make sure that you can do things, not just understand them.

Prepare with others: We can learn a lot from others, including others who are seeking to pass the same exam that we are. Red Hat recently launched the Red Hat Learning Community to help people learn together. Join the community and use this resource, especially if you are one of the many people using our self-paced training options. However, please don’t use the community to try and gather information about exams beyond what we have documented publicly. The forums are moderated and attempt to gain an unfair advantage could impact your eligibility to take exams.