Tips for Passing Red Hat Certification Exam

Red hat exam preparation

Am I able to complete this lab activity without assistance?

The exam will not be based on the same exact lab activities provided in the course, so experiment with features and options covered in the course to study. Be aware that you will not have access to your training materials, notes, or other external materials during the exam, so while studying, you need to evaluate your readiness based on whether you can complete labs while looking at the solutions provided. You need to be able to implement those solutions on your own.

Get trained by Red Hat on Amrita Technologies

The best way to prepare for a Red Hat certification exam is through the training offered by Red Hat. Just as Red Hat certification exams are all hands-on, Red Hat Training focuses heavily on learning through hands-on activities. We do not require people to take training in order to take our exams, but we strongly recommend that they take our training — even people who have considerable field experience in the area being tested. Your day-to-day work with a technology will lead to depth in some areas and gaps in others. Training helps close those gaps and provides structure to your preparation.